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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mmmmm, sleep!

A nice easy day today - well comparitvely:-)

We put the kids to bed late last night cos we were busy playing Civ4 on the computer & didn't realise the time! What terrible parents we are. Anyway, they didn't get to bed till 7/7.30, half an hour late each, which was FANTASTIC, cos it meant no-one was awake till 7am this morning!

Even better, Aggie got up with Mstr A & LMD & gave me another hour in bed. Luxury. LMB didn't wake up till 8am, which is almost unheard of, and probably did her the world of good.

In fact it was a bit of rush getting everyone breakfasted, washed, dressed and ready for the day. However, I did get a proper shower for the first time in ages. Showering is normally a bit of a logistical nightmare with three mobile kids & not a single one with any sense, but neither Aggie nor I are working this weekend, and life becomes much easier as a two parent family.

We were due at Nanny A's house @ 10am for a long overdue visit (she traipses over here all the time, but we hardly ever get there any more), and to meet up with Cousins Girl K & Boy K (stupid Brother-in-Law gave both his kids the Same initial - we told him not to!). However, we didn't leave the house till 9.50, so were a little late (It's a 50min journey). Still it meant Nanny A had some time with BiL & the kids before we arrived which was nice as tey live up in Lincolnshire, so she doesn't get as much of them as of us:-) Also it meant Grandad J was just on his way out fishing, which is good cos he finds a house full of Aginothlings a bit hard to handle:-)

Anyway, it was a lovely visit - far more successful than previous family get togethers. Cousin Girl K played happily with LMB the whole time, and Cousin Boy K was great with LMD. Mstr A also played with Cousin Boy K for a while, which is great because they've never managed to play together without tears and tantrums before, despite being only 5 weeks different in age.

They left at midday, but we hung around - as we are wont to do:-) Nanny A nicely fed everyone, then as they were all playing so happily, I got to take LMD upstairs and we both had a lovely nap for well over an hour! I feel so much better for it. Thanks Nanny A!

We've just got home & fed the kids a lovely west country meal of Faggots & peas., with some rice. Yum. Now they're happily dancing to Xmas songs on the TV:-)

Bedtime soon. Horay!


  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 6:53:00 pm, Blogger Prego said…

    What an amusing name for a meal. Thank god you linked the definition.

    Nice to see you again. Here via michele

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 7:02:00 pm, Blogger Juggling Mother said…

    Ah well, I'm not particularly good at putting links into my posts, but I thought this one REALLY needed it - especially for my American readers:-)

    Also, Wikipedia might think it's a British thing - but I'd never heard of them before moving over here to the West country - and it sounded well dodgy the first time Aggie said he'd make me faggots for tea:-)

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 7:34:00 pm, Blogger Plain Jane said…

    Is it wrong that I giggled at that food name? :)
    What a lovely colored blog!

    Sliding in from Michele's. :)

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 7:35:00 pm, Blogger utenzi said…

    Howdy, Mrs A. Michele sent me over to your side of the Atlantic.

    I find it amazing to hear that kids have a bedtime as early as 7pm. I can't remember that far back and as I don't have kids--I've never had to enforce rules like that.

    I'm seriously thinking of getting Civ4 due to what you and your husband have written about it. I was so disappointed in Civ3 tho.

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 7:47:00 pm, Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said…

    Hello Mrs. from Michele this very evening, and oh so happy to be visiting again....Glad you explained the Faggot...Balls...LOL! I did wonder for just a second...

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 8:38:00 pm, Blogger Carmi said…

    I've always believed that good things always happen when the kids go to sleep past their bedtime. You've just proven it.

    Michele says hi!

  • At Saturday, December 17, 2005 10:12:00 pm, Blogger BiScUiTs said…

    I haven't eaten those for ages. I particularly like how you can get them made by a 'Mr Brain's'.

  • At Sunday, December 18, 2005 7:51:00 am, Blogger aka_monty said…

    I'm ever so glad that my daughter is self-sufficient enough now that I get to sleep in on Saturdays.

    It IS a luxury, indeed. :)

  • At Sunday, December 18, 2005 8:59:00 am, Blogger Dak-Ind said…

    CiV4 arrrrgh i havent gotten to play it yet. im actually afraid to because i wasnt impressed by civ3 i was die hard on the original. i loved it. my pc got to fast for it, and i was forever saddended the day i tossed it out. but civ4 looks awesome!

    michele sent me again

  • At Sunday, December 18, 2005 9:51:00 am, Blogger ribbiticus said…

    looks like you had such a lovely day. now i know another meaning for the word faggot...*wink*wink*


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