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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The alphabet according to LMB

November was "latters & numbers" month at LMB's nursery. She found Mstr A's old flash cards at home and has been nagging everyone and anyone to do her letters with her since. So today, we gave in again, and for the first time made it through the whole lot (with Nanny A's help) which has brought up some very funny word pronuciation's, which I thought I'd share with you:

A is for "Apple I like it"
B is for "bumble bee buzz buzz buzz"
C is for "ME!" (her name starts with a C)
D is for "duck, mwack, mwack"
E is for "Elelelent" (elephant)
F is for "Ribbit" (frog)
G is for "play in the garden now!"
H is for "hat on my head, yes it is"
I is for "Ice Cream, I like it"
J is for "Honey" (it's a picture of jam/jelly, but we don't eat that at home)
K is for "My Bob the Builder Kite flying on the beach"
L is for "Lion rooaar!"
M is for "mummy"
N is for "Nanny"
O is for "opopus" (octopus)
P is for "Presents! big one is mine"
Q is for "Opopus" [she doesn't believe in q's:-)]
R is for "Bunny" (rabbit)
S is for "ssssssssssssssssssssssnake"
T is for "Teleion" (television)
U is for "'brella"
V is for "car" (van)
W is for "wimming" (swimming)
X is for "music" (xylophone)
Y is for "boat" (yacht)
Z is for "zipit" (because the only time she hears the word is in "zip it up now"

I think maybe we should work on the names of things before we worry about her letter recognition & spelling:-)


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