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Monday, November 07, 2005

Shopping & screaming

Not much to blog about yet today. Mr A has gone off to some utterly boring meeting about blowing things up (you'd think it would be slightly interesting when they actually did the blowing up, but mostly they just talk about it), so I have the car today. I thought I should make use of it & after dumping Mstr A off at school, we all went shopping to the local supermarket.

My girls do not like supermarket shopping - although they are quite happy to drag me round town looking for toys etc, food just doesn't do it for them (mstr A quite enjoys it, but he never gets to come any more). therefore LMD started screaming pretty much as soon as we were through the doors. Boy can she scream. and does she get fed up? no. She can scream for hours quite happily, with every evidence of being in total & abject misery. Her face screws up, tears flow, she goes bright red, and her peircing screams sound like she is in agony. After a couple of aisles, and a number of attempts by little old ladies to calm her down, I gave in and picked her up.

Sudden, absolute silence decended immediately. so I put her back in the trolley.

scream, wail, abject misery.

We spent the whole trip alternating one aisle screaming, one aisle silence as I carried her & crashed the trolley into everyone else, one aisle screaming, one aisle quiet & crashing... I couldn't win either way with the other shoppers, who tutted if I crashed into them, and tutted if she cried.

Once we got to the checkout, it was a different story. I had to put LMD back in the trolley to unload it, so she screamed, but at this point LMB decided to join in too. Ooh, stereo screaming. yipee!

i don't think the checkout girl had ever been so helpful in packing my bags & getting rid of me as quickly as possible. Although come to think of it, I didn't get my spirt for schools vouchers, so I'm going to have to go back later & complain!

Anyway, we got home & I fed LMD to sleep, and gave LMB some magic painting to do (she loves anything arty), so now I'll put away all that food, and make nsome lunch.

Oh yes, one good thing. I went to the doctors first thing this morning & got signed off work for a week with a respiritory infection, so now I don't have to traipse half way accross the country on Wed & Thurs to a meeting that will only give me even more work to do anyway!


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