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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Answers for all

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Right, as promised, here are the answers to the questions asked a couple of posts ago. Although I feel quite unloved – Mr A got 36 (yes thrity-six) people asking him questions, and only 7 of you were interested enough in me to botherL.

Si said...

1. Why do you want a chainsaw? I rather like demolishing things, particularly gardens, and when we are re-enacting, we need loads of firewood cut up. I think a chain-saw would be very useful & great fun. Mr A thinks I am not safe with power-tools due to my total clumsiness & general lack of co-ordination. The chain-saw thing has been a long standing joke with us.

2. 2. Why the current color scheme for this blog? When I was setting it up I went through all the templates and decided this was the easiest to read/mist pleasing on the eye. I don’t have the IT skills or patience to make my own up, don’t like the dark backgrounds, and have spent too much time teaching about visual impairment to use green/blue colours.



Aginoth said...

1. When are we going to do the Christmas Shopping? In a panic in mid-December as usual.

2. Do you fancy a dirty weekend away with your husband? ;o) No – how about a clean weekend?J




craziequeen said...

Can I borrow your chainsaw? Yes, as soon as I persuade Mr A to let me have one

Do you need me to babysit while you have a dirty weekend away with your husband? No, we’ve already booked Nanny A ThanksJ


Jon, Intergalactic Gladiator

Jon, Intergalactic Gladiator said...

1. What is your favorite television program? Right now I think I’d have to say Lost.

2. If you were an Intergalactic Gladiator, what would your prefered weapon be? I’ve always fancied the quaterstaff, but I’d probably be better at knife fighting.


Dave said...

1), What was your most embarassing moment? Ooh, a tough one, as I repress all my embarrassing memories! I guess it would probably be something to do with my deplorable lack of co-ordination ie: last year when at a re-enactment fair I spent 10 minutes lecturing Mstr A about how he must not touch anything on the stall selling replica Roman glassware, then promptly turned around and knocked a dozen pieces off, smashing the (very expensive) centrepiece of the display!
2), What's your favourite ever motorbike (that you've ridden, but not necessarily owned)? I think I’ll always have a soft spot for the Kawazaki ZX10 Ninja, as it was the first “big” bike I rode & the first time I ever went ton-up.



mommyguilt said...

1. What's your best Aspie parenting tip? Be firm. Repeat yourself often. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
2. When on earth do you have time to work and go to school? That’s what juggling is all about. Each day, something doen’t get done. I just juggle around what it is, so enough things do get doneJ. Housework doesn’t feature very high on my list of priorities!


  • At Sunday, November 06, 2005 8:27:00 pm, Blogger utenzi said…

    Michele sent me to see you again, Mrs A. Sorry it was twice in a row--I thought I was going for Cathy with a C.

    I like Yaeli's site so I can see why you'd use one of her posts as inspiration. It's a good way to let your readers know more about you--and your chainsaw habits! BTW, I try to repress my embarrassing moments too. :-)

  • At Monday, November 07, 2005 9:31:00 am, Blogger Anon said…

    I can understand the fun in wanting to play with a chainsaw, I hired one two years ago to chop down about 40 trees in our front garden. Lots of fun :-)

    Next year, much to my wife's dismay, I am hiring a mini digger so I can excavate the front drive.

  • At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 4:57:00 am, Blogger mommyguilt said…

    Thanks, Mrs. A - for the tips. I think the juggling in our house is right up there. You should see the pile of laundry in my basement! I don't think anyone's had a full load of socks & underwear for months - usually just when it gets desperate!


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