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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nearly done!

well it's now 10.20am, and I've finally early finished my presentations!

Todays is all done & dusted, saved onto disc & memory stick. I'll rehearse timeings on the train though as I can't be bothered now. Tomorrows is nearly complete, just two more slides to go - but all the others are finished - pictures, animation, notes & everything. I'm having a break now to go shower & change and see if I can find some slap for my face - I think the last time I wore make-up was for the interview for this job!

It wasn't a very good night last night. I was a bit stressed, which always makes it hard to get to sleep, then LMD woke up three times for food! Mstr A wet his bed for the first time in ages & as I was too lazy to actually get up & change it all then, I allowed him to come into our bed, where he proceeded to kick, poke, cuddle & chat at me! I dreamed I started a new blog too, which is very worrying! I can't remember what the blog was about, but I'm sure I shouldn't be dreaming these things.

i've still got my cold. Typical! It's worse than the obligatory zits you always get for interviews, birthdays and first dates.

Oh well, my train leaves at 1.30, and I've still got to shower, change, make-up, make lunch for me & LMD, Make supper for everyone, tidy a bit before Nanny A gets here to babysit, finish tomorrows presentation, write notes on todays presentation, go shopping for some food for the rest of week, feed LMD enough milk to last her the rest of the day, and generally sort myself out.

best get started then. I'll update when I get home.


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