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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Christmas shopping - kind of

What fun, Christmas shopping on a Saturday with three kids & a double buggy. I wouldn't recommend it.

Mr A took Mstr A off to the local Cricket Club last night to watch a big fireworks display. He's got loads of pictures (which I expect he'll post on his blog sometime soon), and Mstr A was photographed by the local paper too, as he was having so much fun. I think it was good bonding time for the two of them, as they don't get much father/son time alone.

However, it meant he didn't go to bed till 9pm (his usual bedtime is by 7), so he was tired and irritable this morning. Add in LMB being two (tantrums, stubborness, etc) & LMD being clingy, and it wasn't the most sucessful trip into town! Still we had a good look around, came up with some pressie ideas (we'll actually buy them later), and made it home all together & in one piece, so it could have been worse!

I've still got this horrible cough/cold, so I pretty much slept through the afternoon. Mr A sorted out lunch, then forced LMB to nap, & I fed LMD off to sleep with me. By the time we all woke up, it was a quick bite to eat (Mr A cooked again), then off to Cyberkittens for his firework party/Craziequeens birthday party.

Unfortunately, although Mstr A liked the commercial fireworks display, he was a bit less sure of them in such close proximity & watched from inside. LMB disliked the loud noises & immediately jumped into my lap & refused to move & LMD screamed everytime one was let off unless she was snuggled right into me & had her ears covered! So I spent the fireworks part of the evening indoors & missed all the ooohs and ahhhhs:-(

Still, the kids all fell aslepp in Cyberkittens bed by 8.30 (I hope it was cleanish!), so we had the rest of the eveing to chat & drink & have grown up fun. It was quite sad how many times blogging was mentioned really. You'd think there was nothing else in our lives!

We've just got home & transferred all the children into their own beds with barely a murmer, so now it's time to catch up with my blog friends.


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