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Friday, November 04, 2005

Moving on

It's been a day of moving forwards with things.

Mstr A was offically referred to the Educational Psychologist today, having followed his Individual Education Plan (agreed between me & the school) for the minimum required time of 1/2 a term. I was told we should be looking at a few weeks till his assessment, so that's really good news, as I know some places have to wait MUCH longer. ALthough he has been loads better all this week, so maybe I acted hastily - but I think I'd prefer to get a proper assessment done anyway.

LMD got her first tooth. At last. She more than 9 months old! Of course now I remember how sharp babies teeth are I'm not sure I really want her to have one:-)

She also did the whole day at nursery without screaming (except when I was leaving, obviously). Apparently she played happily, and joined in with the other babies, ate her dinner and slept at the right time. Horaay.

I've not heard anything from the job's yet, so it's not looking too hopeful. Oh well, I'll keep looking. Something will turn up.


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