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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One down...

One interview over & done with. I think it went quite well. The presentation was spot on (I am good at them), and pitched at just the right level. When I first saw the topic I didn't understand why they wanted my to discuss such broad policies in just 10 minutes, but I think it probably gave them a good overview of my range of knowledge. There were no questions I couldn't answer, and only a couple I stumbled over. I name dropped a few important people, & one of the members of staff there recognised me from a previous role. The interview was supposed to last for 45 mins, and I was in there for an hour, which often bodes well, but then they were already running 30 mins late, so obviously I'm not the only one who over-ran!

It is office based, so if they offer it to me, it should be worth taking, but tomorrows job would be better, as it would save me a couple of thousend pounds on commuting! They won't be contacting me till (hopefully) Friday, so I should get answers from both at about the same time! Of course, tomorrows presentation isn't quite finished yet - but it will be. I'll find an hour tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

Mstr A had a great day at school today. He was given the pet (stuffed) cat to bring home & look after, which is a special reward for the good childrfen. He was also asked to be a King in the Xmas play, which is fantastic - I spent my childhood as a sheep, or occasionally a bush! However, he immediately said no. He's not good with the whole concept of pretend/fancy dress, but I think I've explained it to him OK now, so he's going to say yes tomorrow.

It's a really busy time at school at the moment, with photo's, fete's, bonfire night, new playground opening etc, so I' also have to get on with some baking. It never stops does it?


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