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Monday, October 31, 2005

World Wide Views

Having put on my NeoCOUNTER a few days ago, I can now see that peopole from all over the world are visiting my little journal/rantings. This is very gratifying, and not only because it makes me feel big & clever;-). also because I truely believe that the greatest thing the internet has done is to make it possible for the whole world (nearly) to communicate dirctly with each other - and hopefully to start to understand one another better.

However, all my commenters are Brits, Americans or Canadians. So this is a call to all those people from faraway places. Please write comments. Let us know who you are & tell us about your thought & feelings on the rubbish I publish here. Feel free to write whatever you want - comments will not be moderated for opinions, (although unnecessarily foul language, or personal insults will be removed), and it's your comments that have kept the blog going - my previous record for keeping a diary has been - one day!


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