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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Money, Money, money

We've been spending money toady! lot & lots, on stuff that has no real point at all, except that it's our hobby!

We went off en mass to the Mediaeval fair in Warwickshire today. a smaller version of the one we usually visit (held in coventry on the same weekend), but a nicer venue, cheaper entry, friendlier vendors, loads better food & generally a nicer atmosphere.

As we are joining a new group next season, & changing time periods by over 100 years, we needed lots of new stuff! fortunately the really expensive things like tent, cookware, weapons are all ok, but new clothes were required for everyone, we bought Mstr A his first Longbow & some practise arrows (5 is the correct age to start learning, and for many hundreds of years it was enshrined in English Law that all men & boys over 5 MUSt practise daily, all the better to shoot the French). we also bought a bed, as i am getting too old too sleep on a cold wet floor! Mr a has been promising to make one for years, but this was a bargain at almost the same price as the wood would cost, and a new load of sheepskins to make into LMB's bed (kids just get a pile of furs to sleep on, incredable warm & comfortable)

LMB is not a good shopper, and spent much of the time throwing herself to the (very dirty) floor, but the other two were good. They also talked incessently at us the whole drive back down to London, (where my mother lives), so we were completely knackered by the time we arrived.

still I got everything sorted for tomorrow, have managed not to argue (much) with my mother, & survived her cooking! All the kids went to bed perfectly for once, so we had a quiet night chatting 7 reading.

hopefully tomorrow will go as smoothly when Mr A has to deal with my mother & four kids (cousin is coming over to visit) all morning!


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