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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Morning After.....

OK, I am being nagged unmercifully, so here's my account of last night for your perusal.

You can see Mr A's version here, and CQ's sober one here. Or you can check out RCA's drunken ramblings on CQ's blog here, and mine & sister S's drunker musings below!

The night started well, as we managed to get all 4 children in their beds & asleep before Nanny A arrived to babysit (cousin G took a bit of settling & mstr A waited up to say hello to Nanny, but they were all quiet when we left), so I thought I could leave them without any worries.

There were 9 of us all together: Mr A & myself, CQ, RCA, Sleepypete, Sister S, Brother-in-law S (BiLS) & Fiance K, and friend X. The resturant was only booked for 8 (cos people kept dropping out), and were fully booked, so were a bit flustered when asked to squeeze an extra one in, but accomodated us happily. Unfortunately it meant poor CQ, being the last to arrive, got stuck with sitting between me & sis - a bad place to be!

Many years ago Sis S & I used to party every weekend, but it has been aong time since either of us have had much opportunity (I've mostly been pregnant/breast-feeding, she's mostly been pregnant/studying), so naturally we intended to make the most of the evening. The first thing we did was order the wine! A bottle each of red, white & rose to get us started.

by the time the starters arrived, we ordered another couple of bottles. Then I think possibly a few more when the starters were finished! Certainly we were already very drunk by then:-)

We are happy drunks, and physical ones. Sis tries to snog pretty much everyone, and delighted RCA, but not CQ with her attempts. She also insisted on giving me a wine blowback, which is not something I'd particulaly recommend:-) She is also a smoker, so after the starters she went outside for a ciggie, where she chatted to a lad called Kevin, who was with his mates on the next table. It was his mates 18th Birthday, so poor Kevin couldn't have been very old, but unfortunately for him, he was quite cute so Sis S spent much of the night scaring him by chatting him up.

The wine kept flowing, and we kept getting sillier. Poor X looked a bit embarrassed, being a) a very nice & well brought up type of person and b) Canadian and probably not used to drunk Londoner sisters misbehaving. I hope he forgives us! BiLS, who has Cystic Fibrosis had drunk much more than was good for him & passed out on the table & I was trying to convince Sis S that the feather boa's were for decoration only & that she should not take one and start dancing!

By the time the desserts arrived, we had finished our wine. Sis S saw an empty table next to us with half a glass of wine left on it & promptly purloined & drank it. Unfortunately 5 mins later the ocupants returned from their toilet break (all 4 of them at once, how weird is that?) & accused us of stealing their wine! The cheek of it! of course we acted all innocent:-) Bloody sis S - she could have ordered another bottle - we wouldn't have minded, but she reverted to being a teenager instead! oh well.

Anyway, that pretty much signalled the end of the meal. £300 and a large tip lighter, we headed home for more alcohol & birthday cake. Sadly LMD has been ill most of the evening - lucky Nanny A always seems to babysit when they are being difficult.

We drank a bit more & a few drunken blogs were written X dissapeared home very quickly (sorry X), but the rest of us chatted till late. We finally stumbled up to bed aout 1am.

LMD woke every half hour till 2.30am, when I gave up & bought her in to bed with me. Bieng paranoid about co-sleeping while drunk I barely dozed for the next two hours, when she vomited litres of stinky stuff all over me! Lovely.

A shower & quick sobering up later, I finally got to sleep about 5am. Mstr A woke us up at 6.30, but I sent Mr A off to sort him out, and managed another couple of hours kip, before getting yummy breakfast in bed:-)

No sign of Sis S yet!


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