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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Interviews again

Another day spent in Bath attending the second interview for the job I want. I've put a lot of thought into it & decided that if offered I will definitely take it. I think we'll work out almost the same financially, when I take off childcare & travel costs, but I really, really need to get back to real work. I need to go somewhere every day. I need to talk to other adults. I need to use my brain. I need to feel that I am doing something useful (I know parenting is useful, but I have to do that anyway). I need to get away from the kids occasionally. I need to know that there is more to my life than being a housewife. I need to get my career back, if not on track, at least somewhere near the railway. I need to know I am making a financial contribution to our lives. and that's just the bits I can articulate. I think all of those reasons outweigh the financial side of things.

Whereas I felt unable to go back to full time work after LMB was born & put myself through the emoptional turmoil I had with Mstr A, I now feel that 2 years is long enough for me. LMD is nearly 10 months - old enough to cope with being left with caring, professional people. I am sure they will make a better job of it than me in many ways, and I'll still be around for all the other bits.

So: The interview went well. It was a meet the team session, then another formal interview to pick up on specific issues. I was supposed to chat to the team for about 20 mins, and was still happily in discussion with them 40 mins after arriving. I'd worked with two of them before, and was able to give considered opinions on all the topics discussed, without too much spouting off of political bull:-) Then onto the formal interview. Again, i feel it went well. There was much nodding of heads as I replied to their questions on management style, priorities & opinions on opprtunities available. I had a chance to affirm my enthusiasm for the post & didn't do or say anything stupid. So now I just have to wait & see. There are four people left in the running, but one isn't going in till next Tues, so I should hear on Wednesday.

Bugger. I have to go back to work on Monday & I was really hoping to be able to hand in my notice!

Still, Mstr A did really well at school today. He got a headteachers award for good writing & was given the class (toy) cat to look after for the night again. No screaming occured at all today.

Also, my annoying, but favourite sister phoned yesterday night to say she COULD come to my birthday bash on Saturday (she phoned last week to cancel). This will be the first time in years that she has come here, which will be lovely (I hope the restuarant can fit us all in - now it's only a couple of days away, everyone has started saying yes!)


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