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Friday, November 18, 2005

College Work!

College day again today. This week just flew by!

It was the first day I've really had to work at the subject, as we started a new topic, and it has all changed out of recognition since I last did law 15 years ago! I haven't really got my head round it yet, but still buggered off early cos I need to try & tidy the house up enough to look like it's not a biohazard, as my sister will be arriving tonight, and many friends tomorrow for my birthday bash.

It's a big house, and only really gets tidied for special occasions, so there's a lot of work involved. Ho Hum. Better than doing little bits every day. whats the point? it just gets messy again!

I'm supposed to be researching my next assignment on the computer, but I'm going to have a quick blog break then get back to tidying. Anway, I got a distinction for my last assignm,ent (only a merit for my first one tho), and habded another one in today, so hopefully I'll be ok.


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