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Saturday, November 19, 2005

No sense of shame (the story continues)

Ok, so this will be the final installment of the "how we met" story.

Where were we? Oh yes, I had just slipped out of Mr A's room in the early hours of the morning. So, I got home & prceeded to try & pretend I'd been in my own bed all night. This was slightly ruined at breaksfast time by M regaling all my flatmates with embellished stories of the evening before, then half way through the morning by Mr A turning up like little lost sheep to find me.

I was surprised to se him, to be honest. I mean, I assumed that if you get off with someone on thier birthday & they sneak off in the middle of the night, you would want to tell all your mates a load of lies & never see said person again! I explained to him tht I didn't want to get into anything, having just got over a serious relationship (well, serious for me) and enjoying single life. He said he was absolutely fine with that, then proceeded to put plenty of effort into behaving like we were already an item (nuff said).

Unfortunately, I had to go off to lectures pretty soon, so not alot happened. We tried again in the evening, but my flatmates were not particularly helpful, and kept popping in to my room for a variety of reasons & eventually he gave up & went home.

The followig day was saturday. I had invited friends & family down to party the night away, but in normal fashion they had all been unsure whether they could come or not, so i had no idea if anyone was actually going to turn up at all. As students don't get up till midday, it was early afternoon before Me & Mr A finally managed to get together. we were just getting to the really interesting bit when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find my big brother looking very uncomfortable:-) I unceremoniously dumped him in the kitchen with a coffee & we finally got to cosummate our relationship.

Aftewards I chatted to my brother & soon sister S and a bunch of friends arrived too. They had just driven down from London, in the pouring rain, in a metro, driven by a 17 year old maniac. They weren't very impressed to find us cosily drinking coffee! Sister S, not being one to mince words, asked where the party was. I explained that there wasn't much of one, as we'd had one on my birthday & didn't know who was coming etc. I looked at her face. We went to the pub.

On the way to the pub I got a long tirade of how much everyone had put themselves out for me. After about 15 mins Mr A said something & she turned to him and said "and who the F*** are you anyway?". It was the fact that he seemed totally unphased by my family & even that fantastic greeting that made me think there might be some hope for him after all (my first words to him had been "what the F*** do you think you look like?).

The day ended happily, with much drinking in the pub, followed by drinking and smoking in my room. everyone calmed down & Mr A coped admirably with my motly assortment of friends. I accepted that we were having a fling (although I spent the next 3 years telling him I was leaving tomorow), and sister S decided he wasn't all that bad.

Not the most auspicious of starts to a relationship, but at least he knew what he was letting himself in for


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