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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Birthday blog

Helo all. It's my birthday, and in proper tradition I have seen it in drunk. I will endevour to see it out drunk in 24 hurs.

We have been out for much good food & much more good wine. My sister has just written a whole guest blog, but she was soooo pissed,she lost it before posting! she made right fool of herself, but I may have done the same. Maybe I will post a real blog tomorrow, but she is making me giggle too much to do so right now.

CQ has posted something, that is probably untrue, even tho she is sober & we are all drunk!

Poor brother in law got very drunk & fell asleep on the table (ha ha), then threw up all over the pavement:-(

Sister S nicked a glass of wine off the next door table & got us all into trouble. But she told her boyfriend that she danced naked on the tables, so it could have been worse:-)

LMD was sick all night, so now I feel well guilty, but not guilty enough to sober up!

More tomorrow

Have a good night


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