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Monday, November 14, 2005

Capital Carnival!

Just got back from the Weston Carnival (see Aginoths post about the history & stuff). It went much better than expected.

Mstr A was very well behaved - stayed where he was supposed to (he got lost last year!), shared the sweets he aquired, threw money at the right time, and not at th wrong one, danced along to the music & generally had a good time.

LMB was absolutely enraptured when the floats started coming past & just stared openmouthed. She jiggled along to th muisic happily & energetically for nearly an hour, before passing out fast asleep on my lap. ahhhhh!

LMD was asleep before the carnival started, and slept through the first hour or so quite happily, despite the light & noise. then half way through she just woke up, sat up, sqeeled with excitement & stared at the lights going past for 20 mins. After that I swapped LMB into the pram, and LMD sat on my lap dancing to the timewarp (and others)!

At the end, all three kids came home, took off thousends of clothes & went off to bed with barely a murmer.

i'm not looking forward to getting them up for school in the morning though:-)

Mr A has posted his account & some pretty pictures, if you want to go see.


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