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Friday, September 16, 2005

A quiet day

A moments peace in a hectic world is infinitely more rewarding than a quiet life!

I've just had 10 minutes completely to myself: Mstr A is at school, & both LMB & LMD are sleeping. At the same time! Of course it was not enough time to actually do anything, as LMD thinks that 10 mins sleep a day is plenty, but nice to sit and think and hear nothing, just for a moment.

Nothing of note happening today. I took LMB swimming this morning, which cheered her up no end. she adores the water "wimming, wimming" she shouts, bouncing around the car park as soon as we arrive. I've finally managed to get everything sorted for the course this evening - even more child-free time, lucky me! So I'm just playing with LMD & waiting for LMB to wake & mstr A to get home. I suppose I could do some housework, but that just wouldn't be any fun!


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