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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Silly Scilly's - Part 1: Travelling Hell

Phew, home at last. It's been a busy time (no change there then).

All the tickets did arrive on time - just - so off we all set on Thursday evening leaving a long list of duties for Mr A to complete over the weekend. As we climbed into the car, the rain started, and by the time we reached the motoway, visibility was down to about 5m. It was too early for the girls to sleep, so the first half of the journey was fairly noisy. When the motorway ran out, we stopped for supper & changed the girls into their nightwear thinking it would be a quiet run from now on, only to discover a thick fog covering the land by the time we returned to the car. The second couple of hours was spent trying to navigate along dark, foggy, unknown roads!.

However, we got to Hayle, where we were staying overnight without incident, and unpacked all children & stuff in the pouring rain & plonked them all into the room. Unfortunately, both girls felt that this was a good time to wake up & play, whereas I & Nanny felt it was time to sleep, so it took a while to reach any agreement. This was aggravated by the fact that the room was at least 32°C the whole night, so none of us actually got much sleep.

Breakfast was simple, but reasonable. Slightly marred by rude staff, undrinkable coffee and a lack of fresh fruit or fruit salad (it was "out of stock" apparently), but pretty much what we expected in these places, so we were only 15 mins later than I'd hoped in leaving. A slow trawl behind the local commuter bus got us to Penzance a mere 30 mins late, but I found the car park without difficulty,which is always an unexpected bonus in my world!

We almost had a problem at the car park, as the booking form hadn't arrived by the time we got there (the good old post office - sent 1st class on Tues am should guarentee a delivery on Wed am), but fortunately the post arrived while we were sorting it out, and my booking was in it, so no problem. Off we trot, with one buggy, three suitcases, two babies, and a bag full of nappies/drinks/food/change of clothes etc. No problem then.

We made it onto the ferry with 15 mins to spare (as I am neurotic about being late, and always leave a spare hour to get anywhere), and settled everyone down. The weather was still fairly awful, being wet, foggy & windy, so the three hour trip was pretty choppy. LMD didn't even notice (I suppose it wasn't that long ago she was floating around inside a load of fluid), but LMB was very miserable, and couldn't understand why she felt bad.

Still the trip was all on time, so we got to St Mary's (the largest island) at 12.15. Now the fun was really going to start.


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