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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just a quickie

Bit of a late posting today, sorry. It started off like a normal day, but kind of got busier as we went along. Nothing in particular, just stuff.

Mstr A seems to be getting on better in year 1. I think reception was just too laid back for him. He needs the dicipline, and to be honest he needs to learn to do what he's told, when he's told to do it. After his first few weeks at swimming lessons last year, I asked the teacher if she wanted me to withdraw him, as he seemed to completely ignore everything she said. She was very nice about it & pointed out that he did listen to her, he just preferred to try it out in his own time, so it looked like he was doing the opposite to the rest of the class, but was in fact rather like Eric Morcombe playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

I've been putting up with a withdrawal headache all day too, which is a bummer, especially as I can only take straight paracetemol cos I'm still feeding, and that doesn't do alot for me. Still, I got a fair bit of work done this morning before it got too bad.

Mr A was late home today, cos he's very busy doing something boring and I'm sure fairly pointless at work, so I had to do the after school snack, play, cook supper, bath all on my own. Although come to think of it, I reckon it might have been easier today than normally:-) Once they were in bed I went back to my stationary store & tried to buy all the stuff that I wanted yesterday. As I had been assured by my head office that the bill had indeed been paid weeks ago, and that it was all sorted out, and I could definitely use the card today, I confidently took my purchases to the counter, only to have it refused again. Do you think I was happy? I Don't Fink So!

After another 30mins on the phone to the store's credit dept, I managed to persuade them to make an exception just for me, and got my stuff, but then had to come home & send more rude emails to my boss. Since then I've been trying to get some work sorted out for my meeting tomorrow morning, and the course I'm teaching on the Scilly Isles this weekend.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, one all expences paid trip to the Scilly's, one of the most expensive places to get to, and somewhere I've been wanting to go for years. However, I have to be really organised, cos I can hardly pop home for anything I forget, & I'd like to look dead good so they invite me back again.

Well, I've given up working now, because if you write lesson plans when you arebored, they invariably make boring lessons, so I'll try again tomorrow.


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