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Thursday, April 30, 2009

hospital update

phew, it's been an exhausting time here!

Aggie started his psoriasis treatement in hospital, and it seemed to be working really well, when he started showing signs of a major infection. his tempreture was a bit up when he went in, but we thought it was just the inability of his skin to do it's job properly - after all, he was laready on antibiotics before starting any P treatment! But as the pain got worse, the doctors came & had a look & decided that he had a major muscle infection. They stuck him on loads of anti-biotics, upped his painkillers to serious doses of morphine & decided surgery was the only way to go - the abcess was too big to deal with in any other way.

He was supposed to go down to theatre last thing yesterday, but some idiot probably crashed their car or something & he was bumped down to first thing this morning. As he was all attached to drips, nil by mouth & full of morphine, they couldn't do any P treatment for the past couple of days! fortunately, the op seems to have gone well, and he came round pretty quickly for him, so now they are talking about restarting the coal tar treatment for his P in another couple of days.

but overall, the whole thing has been more stressful & will take longer than anticipated. Ho hum.

The kids are coping quite well - Mstr A is a bit volatile, but fortunately the school is being very good with him. LMB is more emotional than normal, but doesn't seem to be worried at all - she happily accepts that the doctors will make daddy better. LMD thinks the whole thing has been done just to give her a bit more status in her class & superiority over her friends!!!

I've not been getting on with very much really. I am terrible at living alone - very unmotivated *sigh*. Must try to do more.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

hmmm, well, it's been a long time since I posted - mostly because I haven't had a moment to mhyself really, and also because I haven't felt much like writing down whats been going on here.....

Aggie's psoriasis flare just got worse & worse, until on Tuesday it covered up enough of his skin that it changed and became Psoriatic Exfoliative Erythroderma . So on Wednesday we spent the morning up at A&E, where he was immediately admitted into hospital. Unfortunately, because it needs a specialist derm bed, and we do not have a derm ward in Weston, that means he is in Bristol - which is about an hour's drive away. Visiting hours are 2-3 (kids are at school until 3.10) and 7-8 (kids go to bed at 7pm), so not very helpful!

Of course, with Aggie in hospital, I am stuck for childcare.... I leave for work at 8am & don't get back until gone 6pm, and school is 9am-3.10. even with breakfast club & after school club I was pushing it for the older two, and LMD's nursery does not have spare places for her to attend all day anyway. Plus it closes early on Friday's! and would cost a fortune.

I did get last week sorted by paying professionals & calling in favours, and the weekend by cancelling some things and getting Nanny A to stay overnight to do the 6am start I had on Sunday morning!!! But now I have taken some unpaid leave from work - it would just be too stressful to try to organise it otherwise.

And just to make things a little bit more dificult, I have sprained my ankle:(

still, some good news - the Family Fund people have finally got back to us, and will help us get the garden a bit more Mstr A friendly:) so I'm getting quotes in this week. And Aggie is doing really well in hospital and is looking much better already:)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

change of plans

It was too wet for Glastonbury today, so we went off to @Bristol instead. I think perhaps Mstr A has had too much "input" this week, as he was atrociously behaved:( actually they were all pretty horrible, so we came home early. But we did did get an annual pass, so we can go back again another time....

Aggie's psoriasis & Arthritis are really bad at them moment. He's had a massive flare over the past couple of weeks, and is really suffering:( looking at mobility scooters again.... we waiting on an appointment with the new consultant at the hospital, and expect he will get put on yet another brfand of expensive drug. Hopefully without an inpatient stay first, but I am not so sure.

It's Pesach today, and as my aunt was thoughtful enough to send a load of PAssover books to the kids this year, I have promised to do a seder supper tonight. I am sure it won't be nearly as exiting as they think it is going to be *grin*. But then we can go straight onto Easter on Friday, and get it all out of the way ready for re-enactment on Saturday. Might not be camping over tho - Aggie really needs a bath at least 2x a day at the momet, so tents and wet fields may not be the best idea. We will see.......

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This week

is the school holidays.

We had a lovely weekend doing family things, traipsing round castles and pic-nic'ing in the park:) Monday & Tuesday our wonderful help did all day and looked after bthe girls, one day at the park and the other taking them swimming, leaving Aggie to do some bonding and boy things with Mstr A, which worked out well.

Today has been a getting things done day:) Everyone has had hair cuts, been to the dentist, I've caught up on some paperwork etc.

oh yes, and we took delivery of our new dishwasher. The old one just wasn't cleaning stuff any more, despite all sorts of maintenance and attempts at sorting it ourselves. It was only when I sat and thought about it and realised that it was 8 years old, and had been used at least once a day every day, that I decided it deserved retirement:) Hopefully the new one will do as well!

Tonight I will mostly be trying to sew all the clothes ready for the re-enactment at the weekend. The first one of the season and always a big one. Looking forward to a nice warm sunny DRY season this year......

Tomorrow we're off to Glastonbury for some more family fun - looking at bold stuff, and maybe catch another museum LOL.....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Did you ever think you'd see the day

finally, the US is looking at it's place in the world from an educated (and not just academically) pair of eyes!