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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


it's been one of those days...

I got up and spent the morning yelling at the kids, who were being particularly difficult today.

headed off to work at 8am, got 5 mins down the road and realised I'd forgotton my pass. Came back, hitting every red light possible, picked up my pass, went back out again. Got 5 mins down the road and my clutch went. Absolutely nothing there - i could change up and down gear with a bit of a bump, but there was no way to start from stationary - and it is rush hour in a town made up of roundabouts! there is lots of stationary......

Nursed the bike back home, again, and dumped the kids off to school then had Aggie drive me in to work. So I got there late, and spent most of the day playing catch up.

The big new scanner started scanning blank pages, so I call out IT to fix it and go and use the old litle scanner, which just refused to scan at all. Another call to IT.

Gave up and went to make a cup of coffee - and the vending machine is confused and won't vend as it can not recognise that I have put a cup in it!

Another call to IT to sort out proxy access to a lawyer who is away for the week. then another because they killed the outlook account of a secretary who left last week, instead of forwarding everything to me. I get the feeling IT don't like me today.....

I decide to try the bus home - at least there is not much of a walk to the bus stop - although I see my bus just go by as I turn the corner to the bus stop. 20 mins later, the next one turns up, and it costs nearly £6 one way!!!! The bus is mostly peopled by a family, who look like they are on thier way back from the hospital. the toddler spends the whole journey babbling at her siblings. Loudly. And the woman next to me waits till I sit down, then puts on her ipod at that particularly annoying volume so as to issue tinny crackles nonstop.

When I make it home, there is nothing to eat (well, nothing I fancy anyway).


I have a black eye. No idea why. it just turned up half way through the day. and it hurts:(

Meh. some days are just not worth getting out of bed for!


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