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Thursday, April 09, 2009

change of plans

It was too wet for Glastonbury today, so we went off to @Bristol instead. I think perhaps Mstr A has had too much "input" this week, as he was atrociously behaved:( actually they were all pretty horrible, so we came home early. But we did did get an annual pass, so we can go back again another time....

Aggie's psoriasis & Arthritis are really bad at them moment. He's had a massive flare over the past couple of weeks, and is really suffering:( looking at mobility scooters again.... we waiting on an appointment with the new consultant at the hospital, and expect he will get put on yet another brfand of expensive drug. Hopefully without an inpatient stay first, but I am not so sure.

It's Pesach today, and as my aunt was thoughtful enough to send a load of PAssover books to the kids this year, I have promised to do a seder supper tonight. I am sure it won't be nearly as exiting as they think it is going to be *grin*. But then we can go straight onto Easter on Friday, and get it all out of the way ready for re-enactment on Saturday. Might not be camping over tho - Aggie really needs a bath at least 2x a day at the momet, so tents and wet fields may not be the best idea. We will see.......


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