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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I blew out CAB today & went shopping instead:) I really needed to get some maternity clothes for work as it was getting silly, with nothing fitting! Also the kids needed some new school uniform as poor LMB is still in short sleeves (with a jumper) and Mstr A has grown, again! I was going to just pop into town, but Aggie persuaded me to go into the Mall - which ought to have a much bogger choice, and suggested this would be a good time to break the back of the Xmas shopping for the kids without them being around.

So we traipsed into Bristol, and wandered around. I thought BHS would be a good bet for me & for the kids clothes - I often buy stuff from the little local one. But even though it was MUCH bigger, it was mostly full of crap:( No school uniform of any kind in stock, and no maternity section at all. Lots of xmas baubles, but that is not what i wanted! We went into loads of shops, all pretty much unsucessfully - I finally managed to pick up one pair of trousers for me, but no school uniform at all. Even the great big ToysRus didn't have what we wanted to look at for LMD>:(

So after a couple of hours, we gave up and came all the way back to Weston, and went into the local high street. BHS there did have school uniform, but no long sleeved shirts in the right sizes. Found some nice tops for me at atrocious prices, and some atrocious tops at nice prices, so didn't buy any LOL. Checked out a few other shops and decided that it wasn't worth queueing and paying high street prices, when the same was available off Amazon, cheaper and easier.

In the end, we came home, and did pretty much the whole Xmas shop online. sigh. And I managed to order some school uniform for both LMB & Mstr A on the computer.... don't know why I spent all the time and energy wandering around!


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