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Monday, November 09, 2009

gambling on getting some sleep

I had my 20 week scan today - looks like it will be another boy:)

Feeling really tired now - and fat:( I really do have to go and buy some maternity clothes! But otherwise everything is going fine.

Mstr A and LMD are at loggerheads over everything at the moment - LMD delights in making noises she knows wind Mstr A up, and Mstr A is constantly telling her what to do and how to do/say things>:( I'm seriously considering locking them both at opposite ends of the house all evening! grrrr.

Aggie played a freebie fiver on an online gambling site and made almost £100!!!! He tried to present this to me as a great achievement, but I am not so sure...... Obviously, the money is lovely (not that any of it is in our bank account yet), but I don't like gambling, and don't approve of him spending even more time on the computer! It would have been easier to condemn if he had lost his fiver LOL.


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