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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Apparently, according to the BBC's take on this story, Atheists are calling for 'debaptism" to make it a matter of public record that they are no longer "members" of the church.


I'm pretty sure my name is down on many membership lists of organisations I am no longer a member of, or even interested in, or indeed, able or eleigible to attend any longer! I do not feel the need to ensure that each and every one of them specifies that I have left.

I always worry about atheists who feel the need to prove how much they disbelieve. Like love and hate, this is just two sides of the same coin. It takes a lot of time, effort & emotion to disbelieve in such a strident way - time effort and emotion that we do not put into our disbelief of Zeus or the sock monster or American redneck obsessed aliens. Personally, I think about my childhood religious education pretty much as often as I think about the "gang" I was in when I was in primary school - which is to say never unloess someone brings it up in conversaation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rosy cheeked spring

All the daffodils have come out along the roadsides - the ride to work is so much nicer now I'm not freezing and it's daylight there AND back:) Biking is not so much fun in the winter.

I like spring - all the joys of and all that. Life is feeling good at the moment. Our cleaner/helper is fantastic - she works really hard and gets loads clean, plus walks LMD to school at lunchtime so Aggie gets to walk them all in the morning - which is good for him and them, although he still tends to collect them in the car. If the weather warms up just a little bit, she can have a bit of a go at the garden too:)

We've booked and paid for our anniversary trip to Rome this May - interest rates are still stupidly low, so we are reaping the benefits of having a high mortgage and no other credit:) My new dining table is due to arrive on Thursday - and we'll all be able to sit together as a family again for meals (we squeeze in at the moment, but it's not very suitable tbh) and the kids will have a decent place to do their craft activities.

And although my work is going to be shedding jobs soon, it probably won't be too many, and may not be me. But if it is, at least I get the summer holidays off:) I sent in my updated CV today though - it can't hurt;-)

LMD has gone and got herself slapped cheek syndrome - she doesn't seem at all bothered, but is pretty much covered in a really red rash. Lucky it is still cold enough to cover up really - she just looks very rosy cheeked:0 Her school is being eminently sensible about it and she was still allowed to attend today! yay!

We've got another evening out tomorrow. We've actually organised it this time and we're off to see Watchmen. Oooh the excitement:) But going out is not staying in. Life is good....

Friday, March 06, 2009

Roll with it

Just yesterday I was thinking that life is feeling pretty good again in most ways.

Today I went into work and within an hour had recieved a firm-wide email telling us that (despite their assurances to the contrary just a couple of months ago) we were feeling the bite of the economic downturn, and a "strategic review" of staffing was underway.

18 lawyers were made redundant today, and support staff will be reviewed and redundancies, if necessary, will happen probably in July.

I am not overly optimistic about keeping my job - they say they will look at skill sets & requirements etc, but it seems fairly obvious to me that PT central staff will be the first to go, regardless of how wonderful we are (or otherwise).

Still, I'm actually not that concerned. If I keep the job, that will be great, if I lose it, at least I'll have the summer holidays off:) And I can certainly keep myself busy!! And I've been made redundant before, something else will come up. It's not as though this is my dream career-making job.

Although I think perhaps this is an opportune time to send in an updated CV and remind them of all those wonderful skills I do have:)

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time is fleeting

Wow, almost a week since I last posted - so much to do, so little time to do it:)

I had my 1st review at CAB last week - they keep regular tabs on us newbies, and I still have various bits of paperwork & training to complete along the next few months while I move from new to experienced advisor. It all went well. No problems from my PoV or theirs. I only seem to get through 4-5 clients a day, and others seem to manage more, but then again, I do get through 4-5, and write them up, so it's not terrible.

I also, finally, managed to write my first essay for my course this year. I have already decided to postpone it a bit & take the exams in October rather than June, but still, I need to get on with it. Now I do not need to spend all Thursday morning cleaning the house I am hoping to use that time to get on with studying.

We went up to the re-enactment market in Warwickshire yesterday to mooch around, but didn't really need too much stuff - Aggie picked up a couple of small badges to copy while doing his new trade of metal casting, and I bought a straw hat in the optimistic hope that I will need to shade my head from the sun at some point this summer....... But we have finally reached the point where we have most of what we need! Yay. I'm also not too far behind with the sewing this year - with two children & one adult fully kitted out, and only a couple more dresses to make to get everyone totally sorted (Aggie calls his a cote, but it's still a dress LOL). I even managed to sell on a few bit of old stuff. Hurrah. Mstr A is going to try being an apprentice this year, rather than a page, so will be around the living history traders rather than fighting with the soldiers - probably better all round we think!

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