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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hacks & birthdays

Well, the media frenzy died down as quickly as it blew up. I'm not suprised. I expect it was partly due to the fact that most of the feedback received probably said that I was an awful mother for allowing my children to do anything unsupervised! Although I know I didn't help by refusing to lumbast the school, and stating that I was very happy with their general attitudes and actions in every interview. I went to see the head teacher on Monday afternoon to explain what was going on, and to apologise that the school had been named - I never gave them the name or permission to use it. Bloody hacks!

It was Aggie's birthday yesterday, so we're having a BBQ this afternoon. Well, we are if it ever stops raining. Nature is getting her own back for such a lovely spring by flooding the country! The rain has also meant we have not had a chance to mow the lawn, weed the veg patch or tidy up very much:-( Oh well, most of our friends know us by now:-)

I've been pretty knackered this week. Well, exhausted might be a better desription to be honest. LMD has taken to waking up each night at about 3am yelling for me. I've stopped going in to her now, because it's just manipulation, but I still wake up! Add in that work has pretty much doubled at work because one of the ther girls has changed roles and is now out of the office most of the time, so I have acquired all her typing work, and it's all been a bit much. Hopefully I'll get used to it. At least I've caught up now, so next week should start to settle into a routine.

It will be nice to spend a weekend at home for once.

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