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Saturday, December 02, 2006

A quick tidy round

When Aggie stumbled downstirs with LMD this morning (I knew that if I didn't get her up she would get him up - sneaky huh?) I reminded him that today was designated "tidy-up day" in our hectic schedules, as a) the place is a tip, and b) Mstr A has invited three friends round to play & have Sunday lunch tomorrow - his first attempt with children from his new school, so it would be nice to pretend to the parents that we are not complete and utter slobs and are a desirable family for their children to befriend:-)

Surprisingly he threw himself intom the idea - and promptly started clearing surfaces & filling bin-bags. Then he had this brainwave - let's rearrange all the furiture in the front room while we're at it! All the sofa's came out, the cabinets were all moved. More and more stuff ended up on the floor as he was going to "find a place to put it" later. By lunch time the room looked like a scene out of a war-film!

Of course, it meant that I was left with cleaning the kitchen - including last nights supper stuff which was still left out all over the place despite him being home alone ALL evening! And cooking lunch. And sorting out the children all day. And tidying the back room. And cooking supper. A well as helping him act out an episode of "how clean is your house" and vacuuming up dust balls the size of my thumb nail! Now I know where they get that footage from - it's from behind furniture that hasn't been moved for 5 years!

Still, it does look better now - finally! we still haven't found a home for all the toys - but then again, we are supposed to be clearing some out ready for the new batch to arrive for Christmas. oh, and we managed to find time (and space) to put the Christmas decorations up too:-)


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