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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Feeling awful:-(

I feel awful:-( The cough - the one that has been hanging around since the beginning of September! - has defintely got a lot worse since Saturday night's episode, and now, rather than merely being very annoying, it's really affecting me both at work and at home as I can't sleep.

To make things worse, I started the antibiotics yesterday (my Dr still reckons there's an infection there, but when spoke to the locum after finishing the last lot at the start of Oct, he said there was no need to come in & get checked, if I still had a cough after two weeks of antibiotics, it wasn't a bacterial infection & tough - even though I pointed out it had improved massively while I was taking the anti-biotics!) , but the ones I'm on now have made me feel REALLY nauseous, and slightly unsteady on my feet:-(

So, I've had to call in sick to work today. I'm off to see the doc again later this morning to se what he says, but I'm not happy about taking the time off. partly because it's quite busy, partly because I rather lik working, partly because I'm still new there and it does't look good, and partly because I haven't actually received a job offer yet (still!) and worry about taking time off from a job I don't officially have!


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