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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Breathe deeply

Much to my disgust, the inhaler does seem to be having an affect. Despite being absolutly exhausted today, and spending the day back at work - so back on the bike - the cough has seemed a bit less today.

This is, of course, a Good Thing. Although the cough is undobetedly still there, and still rears up enough to stop me working for a few minutes every now and then, it's not been constant as it was before I took the week off. However, I am slightly annoyed that the inhaler seems to have done the trick rather than sleep or even anti-biotics - I don't approve of allergies. i know they exist, and that they are becoming more common, and that I have some even, but I just don't approve of them! It feels like a petty thing to have such a ridiculous impact on ones life and somewhere deep down inside, I am sure it must be something I have done to "encourage" the allergy.

Oh, ad the reason I am absolutely exhausted? LMB woke up at 10.15pm last night screaming that her "mouth" hurt. She obviously had a horrendous cold, and her nose and eyes were streaming, so i guess she had a sore throat - but she refused to let us do anything to help. She wouldn't come downstairs for a cuddle, she wouldn't quieten down if we went up there, she wouldn't drink any water, or milk, she wouldn't take any medicine, she wouldn't do anything other than scream at the top of her voice!

All the way through Lost too! grrrrr!

We finally got some paracetemol down her, but she still wouldn't stop crying, so I let her come into bed with us. I eventually managed to get he talking about Xmas, which calmed her down at last, but then she talked for AGES! I don't know about her, but I wanted to go to sleep! By the time she eventually dropped off, and I had lain awake for a while to check she was ok, we were well into the early hours of the morning. I drifted in and out of sleep through the night, but didn't really get much proper sleep. I suppose that is what being a parent is all about:-(


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