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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am a tory party spin doctor

Apparently, Sir Peter Tapsell and I agree on something.

How depressing!

it was bad enough when I found myself nodding along to most of what Robert Kilroy-Silk (nutter) said on Question time the other week, but at least he was originally from the correct side of the political spectrum, and we could put the whole UKIP and Veritas thing down as temporary insanity (I'm not going to waste a link on either party - if you don't know about them, google them youself).

But Peter Tapsell! It's always worrying when tory MP's start to talk sence occasionally. The great British publc seem incredibly good at remembering those one or two sentances, and forgetting all the atrocious rubbish that spills out of their mouths all the rest of the time!


  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 12:15:00 pm, Blogger RCA said…

    This is not the time to mention that I think David Cameron is a very nice man then????

  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 6:55:00 pm, Blogger Jens Winton said…

    Ahhh! Another dig at UKIP. Well, you mention RKS who tried and failed to take over the party. He also tried and failed to keep up Veritas. So it's interesting in how he seems to be rehabilitated, and good for him. What's wrong with a second chance?

    Alas, such sweet charity escapes the poor old party who dared to think it was bigger than any one man and believed in democracy. Shame. Oh well, next!

  • At Saturday, December 02, 2006 7:22:00 am, Blogger Juggling Mother said…

    RCA - The ONLY good thing about DC is that he is doing such a fantastic job of making even his own party think he is a wanker, thereby keeping the chances of them being re-elected pretty small. You're too young to remember 30% unemployment, 15% interest rates and the feeling if dread every morning as you watched the News wondering what else they could do to make things worse, but if you actually listen to what he is saying - once you've removed all the platitudes and meaningless phrases - David Cameron is as True Blue as they come!

    Hi Jens. If you had actually read much of my blog, rather than just googling UKIP (or whatever you did), you would understand that you and I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO in common in our political beliefs. I did make the effort to read your blog, and you have sucessfully convinced me that UKIP is even worse than it had seemed from their official statements, policies and broadcasts.

    The whole concept is flawed - we should be aiming for MORE "federation" type governments, and becomming a global society, not looking to become smller and smaller nation states until we revert to feudalism! RKS's associaton with the party merely showed his insanity & their desperation - and the documentary was absolutely hilarious.

    UKIP's home policies are evn more scary. Lets see, your most recent two posts call for the privatisation of the NHS and shutting down ALL state schools. UKIP's official policies include: flat rate income tax. You think that I, earning minimum wage, with three kids to support, should pay the same tax as a single stockbroker erning £5million a year - I don't agree. You want to scrap social security payments, stop immigration, leave the UN, piss of Europe & have strongr ties with the USA, ban wind power generation & build more nuclear plant (although I assume not in YOUR backyard - all those poor people who don't get benefits, can't afford to send their kids to school & wouldn't able to afford the healthcare if they get sick can put up with living next door to them), stop building new houses, encourage more car use and less public transport.......

  • At Friday, December 29, 2006 12:13:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, take your dream Government to its logical conclusion and you end up with a Soviet-style horror regime. We at UKIP think sovereignty lies with the people, not Government, and so we make no apology for small Government. I have never called for the privatisation of the NHS. I certainly think the Government should be well out of it but that doesn't mean it must be run by private enterprise - the co-operatives, friendly societies and other charities are sound models to look at.

    We also advocate lifting the tax threshold to help people on low incomes as well as abolishing inheritance tax (funny how you overlooked that in your post). You look on the stockbroker with misguided envy and feel he or she should be punished for working hard. And as I speak as someone who is half-German, I am very much pro-Europe, I'm just anti-EU, abody which is wrecking our international relations.

    I have no problem with nuclear energy: the French (the main drivers of the EU that you so love), have a significant and safe nuclear network for their energy needs. And look at Russia - playing ruthless with their energy supplies especially in pricing. Me? I prefer looking after British interests first. Why not join us?


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