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Monday, November 20, 2006

Birthday blowout

I can no longer claim to be in my early thirties:-( At 34, i am, without doubt, now in my mid thirties - as Aggie has so keenly pointed out nemerous times today!

It was a bit of a struggle getting up this morning - and the first birthday i have had to go to work, as I haven't actually received a job offer from them yet, I didn't get around to asking for the day off:-(

But then, once I was there I decided the whole thing was pretty silly - I had a Dr's appointment mid-morning, and Aggie had booked my fave restuarant for lunch - so I went in, caught up on a couple of things, gave out cakes, and took myself off for the day. I would have asked someone, but there was no-one to ask, so i just sent an email saying i would "assume" it was ok unless I heard otherwise:-)

It was lucky I did really, as the dr's was running over 30 mins late (no surprise there), and after i spoke to him about my cough, he sent me off to the hospital for a chest xray (along with a prescription for MORE anti-biotics, and strong anti histimines for the cat thing). Apparently the hospital does chest xrays every day between 12 and 2pm. Considering they take less than 5mins maximum, that is one hell of a lot of people needing chest xrays! Although tbh, I felt quite fit and healthy amongst the motly crew waiting with me. I was one of the youngest, was the only one that could walk easily, and obviously one of the few non-smokers! - my cough was nothing to what I heard there!

i had the xray, then met Aggie for lunch. Yummy.

I spent the aftenoon resting, which was absolute bliss, then picked up the kids for another meal out at a local pub with a play area! i am absolutely stuffed! Aggie had birthday cake at home too, but although the kids ate it, I couldn't manage it:-(

I got chcoccies from the kids, jewellery from my mother, money from Nanny A, and a promise of a quiet shopping trip from Aggie - not at all bad considering I thought I'd had all my pressies a few weeks ago:-)

So - not the most exciting birthday ever, but a nice one, once I'd got the medical bits out the way. Looking forward to a hot bath, and an early night. How sad is that? I am truely middle aged!


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