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Monday, December 11, 2006

I feel......

much happier!............ Today was only a half day at work, as i had the afternoon off to see Mstr A's Xmas play. Half day's are good! I didn't mind that at all:-) Last week was a pretty horrendous time to be honest, with problems at Mstr A's school, finding out about work and having locum solicitor being really nasty to me. Today, she was all sweetness & light, and was being a total ***** to colleague (also leaving at Xmas). Colleague says she's often like that - she likes to be horrible to one person at a time! hmmmm, good employee relations there then! Also, last week was the busiest time at work, with so many people wanting to get exchanged or completed with leeway before Xmas. although there are still a number in the pipeline over the next couple of weeks, the bulk are done now, and we're back to "normal" ongoing stuff.

Quite proud............ Mstr A's play went pretty well. He mentioned to me at 5pm yesterday that he needed a red T-shirt & a santa hat for it, which was a bit of a frantic rush to find! Apparently he was supposed to tell me last week, but forgot! What happened to letters home?! Anyway, i found them (even if the hat was a little small), and he managed to troop in with the rest of his class, sing the first song & deliver his line to the audience before being taken off to sit with a teacher. This was obviously planned as a way to try and keep him in on place and (almost) still during the rest of the show, and worked pretty well from what I could see. Aggie commented how obvious it was that he was different to the other children:-( Sadly it is more and more obvious as his peers get older & more socially aware, but I'm pleased to see the school seems to be handling it pretty well.

Relieved really............ I also checked when school broke up, as I had next Wednesday written down & Aggie thought it was Tuesday. However, I discovered it was actually this Friday as his school has Inset days on Mon & tues next week. We checked with the leisure centre, but their holiday scheme doesn't start till Wednesday, as that is the official holiday, so after a bit of debate, I thought "screw them" and handed in my notice at work. As they refused to give me the months notice they had promised and instead decided that a week would be sufficient (but in the circumstances would extend it to two weeks to make me stay till xmas), I took them at their word & gave one weeks notice as of today. So now I finish on Friday, which will solve all the problems of childcare next week, give me the chance to see LMB's Xmas play (which she wasn't allowed to take part in without me being there), do the Christmas shopping & get the house sorted out a bit - all of which were really worrying me. I haven't seen the practise manager yet - but I don't really see what he can say!

At a loose end - again........... I'm looking forward to a few weeks off, but not sure what will happen then. Once again I'm in the position of not knowing what i want! I know what I don't want:-) I've kept the girls in Nursery three days a week for now, so I'll just take things as they come!


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