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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dr's again

Yep, I went in to see my Dr again today. The poor man must be getting pretty fed up with me by now! I nearly didn't get to see him, as when I phoned for an appointment bthis morning, after hanging on hold for 20 inutes, i was told there were no appointments with him left. Fine, I said, I'd like a telephone consultation with him then. No, only Dr X is doig phone consults today, would i like that? No, I patiently explained, because this is an ongoing cse, and Dr x does not know the past three months of case history. The receptionist tried to tell me that Dr X would havemy notes, but I told her that was irrelevant since Iboth she & I know they don't have time to read through all my notes before each consult, even if they wanted to. I pointed out that I had tried to make an appointment two weeks ago, one week ago, and yesterday and was told to call this morning. Today is the only day my Dr is at his ow surgery all week, then he's off on holiday till Xmas, so it was a now or never situation. I asked the receptionist to pass the message on to my dr that i would like a phone colsult. She refused - I am not able to do that, she claimed! I asked for the direct dial number to my own surgery, but she wouldn't give that out. It was only when I asked her outright if she was personally refusing to even pass a message on to my Dr, and could I take her name please, that she suddenly decided she could phone him & ask!

an hour later she phones back and offers me an appointment at 10.30.

I pop into the practise manager & tell him - no problem. I wander down to my solicitor & let him know I'll be out of the office for an hour, no problem. I courteously let the locum know too, & she asks why? is it important? and starts to suggest that she's not keen on the idea when I leave anyway! Like I'm likely to be taking emergency dr appointments just for a bit of social chit chat with the busyest Dr in Weston!

Anyway, Doc says the infection is almost cleared up, so the residual whzing must be caused by something else - even if it was started by the i nfection originally (or by the allergic reaction, I'm not sure). So off I go with another prescription, for yet another inhaler. if this carries on I'm going to have to get a pre-payment certificate!

I make it back to work in less than an hour - and as i said I'd work my lunch hour to make up the time, they've done pretty well really. colleague tells me I should "be careful" about making medical appointments during work hours as "they don't like it". I tell her that's all very well for her - she finishes at 3pm every day. My working hours are 9-5.15, with a 1-2 lunchbreak. My Dr's hours are 9-5, and they are closed 1-2 for lunch! i think about it for about half an hour. then decide to go talk to the practise manager.

i tell him i am not impressed that I was reprimanded for going to the Dr's. i was ready to launch into a tirade about employees rights & employers legal duties, but he happily agreed that locum was out of order, and not to worry. As long as he & solicitor know, that's fine. I know this is not the time to be getting mouthy, but really!

on the plus side I got paid today:-) On the minus side it was oly £30 more than I used to get for working two days a week - and I thought that was pitiful after my previous proper pay packets!

i still don't have a job offer. I am going to have to put my foot down tomorrow, because if I'm not going to be there in January I need to cancel the nursery - or I'll be paying out £1000's and getting absolutely nothing in!


  • At Thursday, December 07, 2006 8:55:00 pm, Blogger craziequeen said…

    Probably number 4. Streamlining and, indeed, probably cutting the secretarial posts.

    MoD did that years ago and now has very few actual qualified secretaries, just executive assistants - 'cos they cost less!

    Bad luck though, babes - but I'm hopeful there'll be another job on the horizon before long.......



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