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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why don't babies get sore thoats?

It's a three hour drive from my house in Weston to my sisters house near Brighton. At least! LMD screamed the WHOLE WAY HOME!!!

Not little whinging cries, or even desolate sobs, but real, "i'm in agony, help me now" screams!

Apart from that, and the atrocious weather, it was a good weekend. We arrived in good time on saturday morning, nosed around the new house a bit, then took the kids down to a local(ish) park where they played on the adventure playground for ages! Mstr A met a little girl who obviously went there a lot, and showed him the scariest things to do on everything - and he did them! It was a long walk there & back, plus the playing & climbing so the kids were pretty tired out so they watched a bit of TV then played nicely all together. They all ate the shepherds pie sister made for them without fuss or (much) mess, then the girls had a bath together and they all went off to bed with only minimal fuss. LMD wouldn't settle with the others & went down on Sister's bd, but she transfered over after 30 mins, and it was all peaceful & quiet by 8pm.

Which gave us plenty of time to drink wine, eat choccy biscuits & chat. I think it's probably to first proper chat I've had with sister for years! Lots of current stuff, but lots of childhood stuff cleared up too, which was nice.

Today wasn't so great. It absolutely threw it down all day. We went to Brighton aquarium / sea life centre - the oldest aquarium in the world you know! Which was great, but it was a bus ride & long walk so we got wet! Sister H took us out to lunch afterwards, and Mstr A demonstrated his "I can not sit at a table unless the food is actually in front of me (and not always then)" ability, which annoyed one of the waitresses, which caused me to have a go at her & the establishment! Only a little bit though, since I had been telling Mstr A to sit at the table! Which then annoyed me:-)

We headed back after that, but LMD had gone beyond tired & into stroppy little screaming thing by then, being on her third napless day! She didn't stop being that revolting screaming brat all afternoon - even though I did get her to sleep for an hour! During which time LMB dropped a glass full of milk all over the floor & sofa, braeking the glass & splashing milk pretty much everywhere! I decided to cut my losses (& save sisters new house from total annhilation) and took them all home:-)

Generally though, it was good - the kids all recognise sister again (not her partner though - he dissapppeared the moment we parked the car - he always does. It's good for the chatting & gossiping, but wierd!)

No I have to sort everything out & get ready for work tomorrow. Mstr A is at the sports centre for the next few days, which will be interesting to see. He has attended once before and enjoyed it, so hopefully it will go well. I can't get long enough hours to fit round work though, so i'm going in late & leaving early. I hope they don't mind too much - I haven't had a chance to tell them yet!


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