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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A breakthrough

Mstr A has a halloween party at after school club tomorrow. When the leader told us about it, she said they would have special food, play games and fancy dress. I quickly said "Mstr A won't dress up. he never does. Hwe might wear a hat perhaps". she nodded understandingly, this is not unusual in Asbie/ASD kids.

Mstr A piped up with;

"can I be a ghost* please mum?"

Shocked amazement quickly covered up by asking him if he understood he would be dressing up as a ghost, in a costume, all night?

Yep, he wants to dress up as a ghost**.

So tonight I've quickly run up a ghost costume out of the ubiquitous white sheet. My creativity is not particularly good, but I managed that much - i even made a seperate hood, so he can keep his costume on without having his head covered all night.

Now we just have to see how it goes.

*I blame the backyardigans - he loves the ghost episode:-)

**It could be because he can be a ghostly Mstr A. That's how he dresses up for re-enactment. he is still him, just a medieval him. I guess this is the same, he is still him, just a ghost him.


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