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Thursday, October 19, 2006


I finally got to have a meeting with the practise manager today. He came over this afternoon, and offered me a job as a legal secretary until Christmas, then a trainee legal executive from then on.

I said I knew that they were offering me that! And we moved on to the real issue - the pay.

They offered me 60% of what I'm on now as a "locum". I had already stated I wanted 80% of my current pay at the last interview.

He tried sweet talking me & saying how everyone had given me good reports, and that they really want me, and maybe they could edge it up to 65% from January.

I said that I had tons of transferable skills, was willing to take on additional duties, responsibilities and hours, and they would easily get their monies worth out of me, but needed an absolute minimum of 75% if I wanted to have any hope of covering childcare costs. i'm willing to work for no financial gain, but not for a financial loss!

He asked would I take another three weeks as a temp in the Somerset branch, then the 60% until Christmas if he could get permission to push it up to 70% from january.

i agreed to recheck the sums and let hi know. he went back to head office to negotiate with the partners.

So, we're not a lot further along than before. I have a job on Monday, but may be leaving at the end of the year! And i really do need to stay in the somerset branch for the next few weeks to push the money up - but there is the transport issue to work out!

on the plus side, all the people I've worked with and for have said very nice things about me. Apparently the partner who works with us two 1/2 days a week was really pushing for me to be taken on at decent pay - and I don't think I've eeven done that much work for her! of course, the solicitor I do most of my work for is dead keen to keep me, but he doesn't have much clout in the company:-( But it's nice to feel that I'm good at my job again:-)

I'm off to try and do the sums again and see if they come up any different this time round. We'll have to wait and see.


  • At Friday, October 20, 2006 8:08:00 am, Blogger Emily said…

    I can't believe (well I can of course) how difficult it is to go back to work. I have the same juggling.

    I was working for a press office recently. I had to be there for 9. The earliest I can drop Molly off is 8. The traffic, even though the office is normally 30 mins away, means an hour journey. The parking at the office was dreadful. I was always late.

    They want me to go back maybe next year. A freelance post is great but not secure. But to work as a staffer, I would need to do three days. Then we start getting into your viability.

    Well done though JM. You've still got it.


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