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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Aren't freecyclers wonderful? I've been offered a bike which I'm going to pick up tomorrow after work. It doesn't have a saddle, but it might have a child seat if we can find it, which will be an absolute God-send! LMD doesn't do well at walking at "mummy's got to get to work" pace all the way to nursery:-)

i've also been offered a trailer which is amazing because they are NOT cheap, and sell quite well on the second hand market. It's further away, so I'm hoping to pick it up on the way down to Cornwall on saturday week.

Anyone who has got stuff they don't really want anymore, get on to freecycle now & help your fellow man! i feel so good about humanity right now, despite the fact my stuff has just been nicked! It's such a relief knowing that (assuming I actually have a job next week) I'll be able to get from work to pick up Mstr A on time - it would've been positively impossible by foot.

I'm also feeling relieved about my course. i finally got around to actually looking up what the course entails, and exactly what the exams are on & about - and what I'm expected to know! it's not as bad as I was imagining:-) I don't have to do any of the theory of law paer this year - which is the one that requires all the statute & case memorising. i just have a couple of "practise" papers, which are basically, this is the case, what would you do, how & why? Out of the four subjects covered, one is conveyancing, which I should be pretty damn good at by then another is criminal which has ecome really quite simplified since i last did it, so I'm finding comparitively easy (so far). I have asked to spend some time in other depts at work, so hopefully that will help too.

However, no relief on the job front. i still don't know if I've got a job on Monday morning! It's no way to run a business! I'm reasonably sure it'll be OK - they must be getting more desperate by the day as the most experienced conveyancing legal sec has just handed in her notice - but equally, I've asked for more money than is normal for my qualifications (although I think my experience in outside industry easily covers that). I emailed the partner today. I'm going to have to phone him & pin him down if i don't get an answer by tomorrow.

I managed my first completion today. Hurrah - everything went OK, people moved in (and out), money went to the right places. Clever me. It's huffy clients completion tomorrow. eeek! An d another clients too. And colleague has take the week off now, as the secretary I was covering is back. However, she just audio-types. Nothing else. No form filling for her:-) so the completions are mine to sort out. It's kind of nice to have the responsibility, but pretty scary too.


  • At Friday, October 20, 2006 8:09:00 am, Blogger Emily said…

    Sorry the bikes got nicked. Horrid swines. I am glad you got a free solution. Nothing better than a free lunch - see they do exist!

    PS My local freecycle is utter crap :(


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