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Friday, October 13, 2006

A long day

It's been a long day. Actually it's been a long week. The work is definitely getting harder - which is not a problem because i would go outta my mind audio typing letters non-stop, but because no-one really knows how to do things, everything takes tons of research, loads of times & a lot of concentration. All packed into very tight deadlines. It doesn't help that our computer systems have been put together ad-hoc and aren't really compatible with each other, the programs or the network, which kinda slows down some of the ways of working.

Fortunately there were no completions today - it wasn't until I woke up this morning and turned the radio on that I realised why. Today is Friday the 13th! However, it does mean there are double completions to have ready for next week (including huffy client!), and the other legal sec is off - leaving me on my own!

However, the lack of completons has meant that all the solicitors have been catching up on the more complicated cases, and I had tapes coming in from three seperate solicitors all with long complicated requests on them!

Of course the day is made longer by the kids! I still have to do all the morning routine - get them up, fed, dressed, ready for school, check homework, pack bags & get all three of them out of the house by 8.15am. LMD still screams when I leave her at school:-( Even though I know she's fine when I leave, it's hard to do. Mstr A has really been missing taking himself to school, so now i let him scoot there while I drive alongside until he's over all the roads. But it does add a little bit more stress, and a little less time! I hardly ever make it to work on time, and as I am naturally a very punctual person, I then feel guilty & try to catch up the 15 mins by working through my lunch break. then when I finally do finish, it's straight back to school to collect Mstr a from after-school club. i make it home about 5.45pm and immediately start cooking supper, talking to the kids about their daya and catching up on the housework & laundry. Tonight I get the added bonus of sorting out all my paperwork for tomorrow's course.

Oh yes, I'm still tutoring courses most weekends. They were already booked, and I really, really need the money. I haven't been paid yet, and I have spent an awful lot on childcare & stuff! This is the last one this year, and I'm not booking any more in now - athough i will still do updates when requested - it pays for my trips to london to see my family:-)

I'm looking forward to having a day off on Sunday. Except that really I ought to do a whole load of stuff!


  • At Saturday, October 14, 2006 1:38:00 am, Blogger debambam said…

    It sounds like the job is going really well and your enjoying it. I'm so pleased for you! Although i'm not sure where you fit it in, I always get exhausted when reading about what your up to...great to read though!!


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