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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bad timing

I got a call at work today, just as I was starting to make my lunch. It was the nursery asking that I come and collect LMD as they think she has chicken pox.

I know that it's best she gets this out of the way nice and early in her childhood, but this week isn't the best timing in the world! My solicitor had only made it into the office half an hour earlier, and I hadn't even started his work (still being half-way through another solicitors - it gets boring when there's nothing to do), and I was hoping to hear from the partner today to arrange to meet him & hopefully actually get offered the job officially. I could be out of work again in another 10 days as it is!

They won't let her in the nursery from the moment the first spot appears till the last one is completely scabbed over - usually about two weeks. Aggie is dead busy at work as it's auditing season, and he's pretty swamped - especially as his arthritus is playing up atm & making it difficult to type:-( Nanny A is already doing tons of childcare for me!

So I packed up & came back & picked her up. There was one spot on her cheek - and I'm not at all sure that it's a pox at all. Oh well, we'll see in the morning. She's not in nursery for the next two days anyway, so I'll go back to work tomorrow & try to catch up & hope it doesn't affect my prospects too much. They did know I had kids, but I would have preferred to have been in post more than a week before I had to rub it in their faces!


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