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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

croak & groan

My cough is getting worse:-( It really hurts my chest & throat now, and I've pretty much lost my voice, barely managing a whispered croak most of the time. LMB has got it too, and spent half the night keeping us awake!

My legs are starting to feel the cycling now, and it's a struggle to sum up the will to get back on the bike for each journey. If would probably be better if I could breathe properly tho.....

On the plus side,

Mstr A said this morning "I didn't think I'd like cycling to school, but it's really good". Hurrah! And he's nearly as fast as me already!

Aggies new and expensive eugenic drugs seem to be doing a good job, and his skin is gradually clearing up. They're not making much impact on the arthritus tho:-(

Everyone who phoned me today said how awful i sounded. Usually I could be literally at deaths door and still look and sound just fine, so it's nice to get a bit of sympathy;-)

Mstr A seems to be settling well into school.

LMB went to visit her new pre-school today, and I didn't see her for dust! I don't think ther will be any problem settling her in next Monday:-)


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