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Monday, September 11, 2006

still croaking

I've still got this horrendous cough. It's really getting me down now as nothing seems to stop it! I've tried all sorts of over the counter stuff, but nothing works for more than a couple of minutes. It's really starting to cause problems because I can't get any sleep, and my days are still just as busy - with cycling, playgroups, schools and kids demanding attention all the time.

I did go to the Dr on friday, but I didn't see my own Dr, and the woman I did see didn't listen to a word I said, briefly listened to my chest over my clothes (which no-one else has ever done before), then sent me off with a prescription for a cough medicine that I told her i'd already tried and had no effect whatsoever! I'm going back tomorrow to insist on seeing my own Dr.

It also made the weekend a bit tough - I was really miserable on friday evening & went to bed really early - only to give up in the middle of the night and dose in the car while Aggie & the kids got a small amount of sleep in the tent. It was a strange event, because there was no living history element to the event, so there was no authentic camp & nothing much to do all day, except wait for the men to go to war at 3pm:-) It was nice to be able to sit in hairs with backs on all day;-) And to eat crisps & ice cream;-) But I don't get the point of staying on a plastic camp. there are many, many re-enactors that do it, but I just don't get the point.

Poor CQ was really ill on Saturday night too, and had a miserable Sunday too. Add in the fact that the evil, penny pinching, miserable, short-sighted Monmouthshire County Council (who own Caldicot Castle) insisted that re-enactors would still have to pay the entrance fee to actually go into the castle (something that NO other owner has ever asked, in all the events I have attended), which meant that none of us saw the castle itself (mstr A was really upset - he loves doing the official tours at each place we go to & learns loads from them), and it doesn't rank as one of the best events ever.

Still, it's quite sad that the season is over. Although I'm looking forward to next year - and I've got ton's of things to get ready for then. Not least is all new clothes as we attended more than 10 events and have a year in with this group now, so get to go up a rank (hopefully) for next year. I expect it will take me a couple of months just to make all the buttons we're going to need! Also Mstr A has been accepted as page to young Lord Hungerford. the guy who plays young Lord Hungerford is great with all the kids, but i still think he's ever so brave to take Mstr A on - he's going to have his work cut out for him;-) But It'll be great for Mstr A - who will learn all about knight's, armour, sword-fighting & the fuedal system from his lord - who has really researched his stuff (personal knowledge & research is one of the criteria of becomming a Lord). Although it also means he needs nice new clothes in his Lords House colours: Red and green. I don't have any red or green wool!

Although it will be nice to have a spare weekend to get on with all the stuff that needs doing. Maybe even finish the bathroom ceiling? Although, actually, I think we have things booked on every weekend till December anyway. oh well.


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