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Friday, July 21, 2006

Off on a jolly

We're off to Berkeley Joust today. It's an enormous medieval festival, comprising a few dozen re-enactment groups, displays, markets, the medieval baebes in concert, educational stuff and just loads of fun things. We're there in an unofficial capacity so are not programmed in to anything in particular, so just get to have a jolly:-)

We've been before and it's a great event - both to participate in, to meet new people and as a visitor - but it costs a lot of money for a ticker, so being a participant is definately the best way to do it;-)

It's also a nice local event, just 45 mins or so up the motorway, so we always get plenty of family & friends visiting. Which is nice. Even better, as every trader who is worth his salt is there, we get to collect our medieval bed today (Yippee - no more sleeping on the floor of a single skin tent!), and Mstr A will pick up his new practise sword. Both were ordered some time ago, so it'll be good to actually get them!

Anyway, we'll be incommunicado till Monday, so photo's & update after the weekend.


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