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Friday, May 12, 2006

Pushy parents

so we had Mstr A's paeds appointment today. By being pushy parents and asking the GP to refer him rather than waiting for the school or ed psychs to get round to it probably saved a year of "watching & waiting", which was good:-)

We couldn't have asked him to demonstrate his quirky behaviour better: He started by playing happily with the train set while we chatted to Doc. Within minutes he'd discovered a specific piece was missing & became very concerned that he wouldn't be able to play any more. Doc tried to reason with him a bit, explaining that he could set it up differently, or make it with other pieces, but he didn't understand that at all. Fortunately that crisis was avoided when the piece was found & he continued playing.

The next problem arose when LMB (who was playing with the kitchen set next to him) started treading on his ever expanding train set. He completely flipped and ran off to hide under the bed in the corner! Crisis avoided by moving the train tracks over a bit! Happy Mstr A re-appeared and started playing again.

Then he had to actually do some stuff for her. No problem, he drew the shapes requested & started answering her questions about school. halfway through a sentance saying what he liked about school he switched to discussing the vinegar bottle at home! And would not continue with the school discussion until he'd finished & recieved an answer about vinegar!

At the end, Doc agreed that he was definitely not "normal":-) and also seemed to agree with our choice of school and desire to move him from where he is now. She suggested we refer him to speech & language (which really ought to called "communication" as there is nothing wrong with his spech or language skills!), which I have already got in the pipeline through the school, then once we have met with his new head teacher next week, we will all (school, us, doc, speech people & ed Psych's) meet up again to discuss strategies and management techniques.

Whopee! I hope it all works out like that:-)


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