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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Just a bit of an update on how things are going really, cos it seems like ages since I've put it all down.

Mstr A - hmmm, he's very variable atm. He's quite keen on the new school idea, & has settled down a fair bit in the last couple of days. More sleep may have helped, as has his teacher finally accepting that he needs visual reminders to do his work & giving him a place mat to remnd him to get on with whatever he's suposed to be doing. I've also told him that he has to get a good report from his old school to get a place in the new one;-)

I spoke to the headteacher at his current school yesterday. It's a horrible thing to do, and I did wimp out a little by discussing the religious bit first. I still do think it was wrong not to inform prospective parents that the school was leaving LA control and being funded & controlled directly by the church. I also pointed out that both last year & this years teacher had commented that it was a particularly difficult class - its 2/3 boys, and has a high number of special needs, so it's not the best environment for Mstr A to learn acceptable behaviour. The new school has a two class intake, and smaller class sizes. it also has large and varied sports facilities, which i think would help Mstr a (I would, it's my job to think that, but all the same, i do....). I pointed out that Mrs D, his class teacher, has been very receptive & helpful as much as she can, and that our decision to move him was not a reflection on her. i didn't mention it was partly a reflection on some of the other staff there. it seemed a bit pointless really.

He's also settled back to normal at home. I think last weeks tantrums were just tiredness thankfully. We're going to have to try & work out a way for him to get more sleep when we are away though!

LMB - oh goody, she has reached the "why" stage *sigh*. With the turn in the weather, i have been properly potty training her this week. She's done two full days out of nappies, both with one accident (although today's was less than a minute after a failed toilet run!). she is happy to use the potty, our toilet or a toilet she knows for wee's, but not a strange one, and no poo's in the toilet yet - even though we bribe her with the promise of sweeties (hey, it worked for Mstr A, and it only happens for the first week or so).

she is also really looking forward to going to "school" next term. I hope I find her a place in a nice one soon! She can recite the alphabet, recognise proably half the letters and write C (her initial), so I guess she's not nearly as blond as she seemed to be when she was younger. She's really creative and loves all kinds of artistic, musical & imagination things - Mstr a never did much of any of that. She also has the funniest way of saying some things as she parrots back not only the words, but the intonation, to extremes.

her legs are finally starting to straighten out too, so we're having less falling over, and more willingness to walk (well, run) places. She looks so slim & gorgeous in her summer clothes & without a nappy - she's going to be a real heart breaker I reckon:-)

LMD - well, she's just getting more vocal & more stubborn & more independant with each passing day. She loves walking, although it's very, very, slow! Especially as she likes to stop and poke every stone, puddle, insect, flower etc that we go past. She also loves animals, and can woof, quack, moo & meow - mostly at the right animals too! everyone is called "DAD!" atm, which is annoying LMB no end:-) Although she can actually say mum, LMB & Mstr A (kind of), she's just too lazy. She still eats more than LMB, and still won't drink any kind of milk (grrrr), although loves yoghurts/fromage frais, so it can't be an actual physical intolerance.

Aggie - his skin is still ostly clear - just a few spots starting to show up now. his blood tests have been coming back OK - not great, but OK, so atm it seems as if the current drugs are doing good. He's been working flat out for the past few weeks, and I'm a crappy wife as by the time he gets home I'm fed up with the kids and want a break, so expect him to help out rather than relax by playing computer games all night. But we've got a couple of long weekends lined up now, so hopefully he get a chance to rejuvenate then.

Me - I'm just trundelling along really. No idea where I'm going, or even where I want to go. I made it through the local elections without even a twinge for my brother - the first time ever, although we weren't voting here, so that might have helped. looking forward to having two whole days off on Sunday/Monday. only a couple of essays behind on my law course - which is good for me:-) And pleased the sun is shining - one of the great things about living in a holiday town is when the weather is good & everyone is out on the beach etc, it always makes me feel like I'm on holiday too. I also have far more incentive to go and do stuff when its warm & sunny. I wonder if thats because it's so rare, or just a natural reaction?


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