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Friday, May 05, 2006

It's summer!

The sun is shining, the tempreture is way up at "warm", the birds are singing & the children are playing (nearly) naked in the garden. It's summer time! I know that it's a bit early, but this is the second warm day in a row, and that's pretty unusual here, so i'm taking any summer i can get:-)

Today i have taken Mstr A to school, taken the car to have new brakes:-(, Painted the shed (it was supposed to be done last year, but.....), Fixed up the garden swing seat, weeded the play area, tried to cut the grass (it's too long for the mower - oops, and the strimmer has run out of wire), cleaned the kitchen (Nanny A did it yesterday, so there wasn't too much - but still, I did do it), made the supper (shepherds pie, yum), run the dishwasher twice, washed & dried two sets of clothes, written a list of the things I want to buy in Argos when we get the car back this evening (I know, but it is cheap!), checked all my fave blogs and played with the girls in the garden.

I love summer:-)


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