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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Money, money, money

We've been car-booting today. I packed the car with as much junk as I could find lying around last night, then stupidly stayed up till midnight to watch the first two episodes of season 2 of Lost, then managed to heave myself out of bed bright and early at 5am!

By the time I'd sorted out clothes & food for everyone, packed the three kids into the car & worried about what vital thing we'd left behind, it was 6, but we still got a good spot on the field & unloaded loads of stuff onto a couple of tressle tables.

Aggie managed to sell a couple of computer games almost immediately - and for a decent price (last time we went to a car boot sale he sold our three best items within minutes for a £1-00 each!!!), and as time wqent on I managed to offload a high chair, push chair, a load of toys & a few clothes. All in all, we made a good £100 profit - even after p[aying for the pitch, some ice-creams and a few jugs for re-enactment:-)

Hopefully it will cover most of the cost of our weekend away next week.

Oh yes, we're off to Alton Towers - just me & Aggie, for our 7 year anniversary. No kids - it'll be the first time we've been away without them, and we've got ourselves a B&B in a four-poster in a beautiful 16th centurary farmhouse.

I'm already fantasising about sleep.....

It's been a fantastic day - the sun shone - I got a little bit sunburned (I'm definitely getting old *sigh*, I used to sit in the sun all day without even going a bit pink), the kids were nearly well behaved, and we came home with less than we started with.

Good news all round:-)


  • At Sunday, May 07, 2006 4:05:00 pm, Blogger Aginoth said…

    You expect to sleep....our first dirty weekend in 6 years and you want to sleep???

    ummm... actually I see your point

    Mmmmmmm...Sleep good !!!


  • At Monday, May 08, 2006 4:41:00 am, Blogger ivoryfrog said…

    well done at the car boot sale. :-)
    I went to one just up the road from me, in fact I go every week. The amount of stuff I have I really should do one myself..but no, I went as a shopper. Spent £7 in total, £4 on a long black smart jacket for me, £1 on 6 sleepsuits for DD#2 and the other £2 was on 8 other pieces of clothing, 4 for DD#1 and and £4 for DD#2 - all in great condition (obviously or I wouldn't have bought them.) Now, remind me what the one thing apart from books that I didn't need more of....umm yup kids clothes (except the sleepsuits - I did need them!)

    Thanks for looking at my photos, I do think I put the wrong one of DD#1 in the competition, I should have put the 1st one in..ah well.

    Hope you have a great time on your weekend away! Right now sleep sounds awfully good to me too...but then it is only 4.37am. LOL.

    Take Care

  • At Monday, May 08, 2006 10:18:00 am, Anonymous Nanny A said…

    Hope you all spare a thought for Nanny A next weekend (CQ whats your mobby number!)


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