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Friday, May 05, 2006

All tuckered out

I'm sure that at least some of Mstr A's problems stem from the fact that he is too tired. This has been the worst week he's had at school for some time, and today was worse than ever. He refused to do any of his work for his class teacher, or in a one-to-one with the classroom assistant (which he usually likes) or even for the headmaster (who all 5 year olds are terrified of, surely?), and it follows a busy weekend away, where he gets less sleep than usual.

When I brought him home today, I insisted he did his schoolwork at home & set him to it, with a picture and narrative of his day, to be followed up by some maths, science & spanish. After a bit of a tussle, he did get on with his English, then had a break for supper. As soon as he finished supper he claimed he was too tired to do any maths (his favourite subject), so i offered a choice of either doing his work or going to bed for the night.

He chose to go to bed. At 5.15pm!

I went to check on him 30 mins later and he is fast asleep.

But I'm not sure what I can do. He is always in bed by 7pm, and sleeps through till 7am. He sometimes gets up about 6.30am, but not too often. That's 12 hours sleep a night. I could probably sqeeze in an extra 30 mins in the morning, but I don't think he'd take them during the summer. I can't really send him to bed any earlier & still pretend he's getting any kind of personal life. The school day runs from 8.45am-3.20/4pm There's no time for a nap around those times really (4-5pm? but would he still go to bed at 7 then?), and no opportunity at school!

I'll see how he is next week after a relaxing weekend, but I'm not sure there even is a solution:-(


  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 7:36:00 pm, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your wise comment. I of course have seen you comment elsewhere, but this is my first time here.

    I have been to Weston-Super-Mare. I'll never forget my amazement at how far the tide went out.

  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 7:39:00 pm, Blogger margalit said…

    I don't think there's a solution either. What I've discovered with my kids is that they try so hard to be good in school and they put so much effort into being the best kid they can at school that when they get home to a safe place, all hell breaks loose. My daughter often naps in the afternoon, even with a full night's sleep. I'd rather she took the nap and woke up more refreshed and human than to put up with her antics when she's exhausted.

    michele sent me

  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 7:54:00 pm, Blogger Sandy said…

    Perhaps offer some quiet time that may or may not end up as a nap. I don't know if that will help but it's all I've got.

    Here from Michele's.

  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 8:09:00 pm, Blogger Aginoth said…

    Well I'll get the Black out shutter finished in his bedroom tomorrow hopefully that'll help him sleep better.

  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 8:35:00 pm, Blogger ribbiticus said…

    awww...poor little guy. hopefully, he'll outgrow that phase soon. :)

  • At Friday, May 05, 2006 8:40:00 pm, Blogger Jamie Dawn said…

    Oh.... who needs school? Let the poor kid just sleep all day and forget about learning anything.
    Just kidding. I'm a homeschooling mom, and it know from experience that kids don't want to do their work.
    I hope next week is better.

    Thanks for the visit.


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