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Saturday, March 18, 2006

How soon we forget

A busy day today. I wanted to take Mstr A to have his hair cut this morning as my mother was here to babysit, but she thought it would be "a lovely idea" if we all went for a stroll, so i packed the girls into as many clothes as i could find, and put them into the big double buggy, then wrapped myself & mstr A up against the cold. As my mother stepped out the door, she said "oh, it is cold today isn't it?" and promptly spent the rest of the walk moaning about the chill wind blowing snow flakes on to her!

So after the hair cut, we went straight home again. A fairly pointless trip for the girls, but there you go... Called the police to get the enormous van that had parked accross my driveway towed away, and had friend L & baby M pop in for a visit, which perked LMB up no end. My mum kept going on about how little the a baby was, and how well L was coping. My mother looked after over 50 babies less than 6 months old! my mother had 5 children under 6 years old & a disabled husband. My mother was a cuncillor for new mothers for years. But all that was many years ago:-)

She wanted to treat us to a meal today, but has very strict views on where we should eat, (basically a Harvester), so I said we could drive off to our closest one 25 miles away. then she asked if we had any electrical shops nearby (no, I live outside the M25, we haven't dicovered electricity here yet mum!), so I said we might as well go up to cribbs Causeway shopping mall, which has every retailer you can imagine, and is right next to the Harvester.

But my mother is used to doing things on her own, so she was ready & waiting to go 5 mins after lunch, which meant we got to the mall at 1pm. Somehow we had to kill 4 hours until we could even pretend to be ready to eat supper! Even with LMD insisting on walking everywhere (at very slow toddling pace) - which confused my mother no end, as she went striding off - we were all out of ideas by 2.30.

So we went off to find this new jump place - big ball park/play area, where the kids had a fantastic time - but it cost a fortune & I reckon the whole place will be trashed in 6 months, as there is no supervision at all. Now I get that parents should supervise their children (even though they don't), but someone needs to supervise the equipment! Bouncy castles = punctures. Ball pits = Rubbish bins. Cafe = spills. Inadequate lighting = unseen biological hazards!

Anyway, we finally got to the Harvester, where we were told we would have to wait *gasp* 20 minutes for a table, which my mother complained about! But we finally got everything sorted, everyone fed, and have just made it home with three sleeping children:-) My mother is exhausted. She says she can't remember being the person that did all that stuff:-)

A nice evening planned watching the Brits wash away the Ozzies in the pool at the Commonwealth games

Ha Ha!


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