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Thursday, February 09, 2006


We're off to Northern Ireland first thing tomorrow morning to visit my sister, her fiance & his son. I'm not sure what kind of internet connection they've got, so posts may or may not appear over the weekend.

Please use the time wisely to lurk around in my archives or go visit my tenant, Motherhood Uncensored. She's got a great blog, all about life as an unexpectedly new(ish) mum, plus any old stuff that takes her fancy. Rather like me then? Oh yes, and she's just found out that she's pregnant again, and her first is barely more than a baby, so go wish her luck, congratualtions/commiserations & general support, cos pregnancy is shit!

Oh yes, just in case you have been failing in your job as readers and haven't done this tenant visiting thing before, all you have to do is click on her pretty black square over on my sidebar. I've put it nice and near the top in a prominent position, so you've got no excuses. Just one little click - you never know, you might discover it's your perfect blog!


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