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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Horay again

My mother has just left - but for once that's not the horay I'm talking about. In fact it was a very sucessful visit all round. Agie has been pretty much out of the way th whole time was here (either working or playing Eve!), and I haven't re-arranged anything, or put myself out at all, and it'smade the visit much more relaxed.

She got to know the kids much better too. LMB has always been her favourite, (well, ever since LMB worked out that Grandma's are mugs & if you smile & cuddle them you can get absolutely anything you want), but now LMD is growing up my mother is willing to try with her too. LMD is such a happy soul most of the time, she smiles and says hello to grandma now. Of course we still had to take her with us when we went out on Sunday night because my mother is "scared" of my babies (she looked after over 60 babies herself, but can't manage one evening with mine!), and i am not happy to leave them with her, knowing she will not do anything anyway.

She also had time to sit and watch Mstr A playing, interacting with other children, and talking to other adults. I think this was a total revelation for her, because after a few hours she started pointing out all the ways in which his behaviour was not "normal" for 5 1/2 year old boy.

Yes mum, that's what I've been telling you for the past 18 months!

Anyway, their relationship certainly improved alot while she was here too. She seems to have finally accepted that he's not being deliberately insolent to her personally, but that's just how he is, and good management techniques will make everyone's life infinitely better & easier.

so all in all, a good visit. I'm glad to have the house back to myself though:-) time to get soem tidying done. today really does feel like the first day of the rest of my life, and I really ought to start my housewifely life acting a little bit like a housewife:-)


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